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  • Bailey Caswell

Hip, hip, hive health!

With 99 years of experience in family beekeeping, we understand the importance of being good stewards of our hives and the land on which they gather pollen. Lately we've been visiting all of our hives for a thorough health & well-being inspection--making sure there's enough honey and pollen to sustain a strong hive. The frame pictured above showcases the rainbow of fresh pollen our bees gather from various floral sources in order to feed their young. The bees place pollen strategically around the cells where the Queen is laying up to 2,000 eggs/day. Before capping the cells off with wax, the bees stay busy feeding pollen to larvae as they continue to grow. When baby bees hatch, they're fed pollen as their "Super Food".

A robust, producing hive is one of the most satisfying things to be a part of. We take our responsibility to our bees very seriously and are dedicated to nurturing the vitality of our hives during every stage of the process. We're sure you can taste the difference with "Fluffy Fresh" California Bee Pollen!

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