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  • Bailey Caswell

Sourced from the Source

Here at California Bee Pollen, we pride ourselves in providing pure, fresh bee pollen that is 100% natural—never processed or dried! Our family has invested 99 years in the practice of sustainable beekeeping and we never take our bees for granted. We ALWAYS gather pollen from our own hives, unlike other pollen distributors who purchase pollen elsewhere for re-packaging. You can count on our family’s dedication to the well-being of our bees because it’s what helps them produce the highest quality pollen on the market. Many of our collections sites are Certified Organic, though be wary of producers who claim their pollen is 100% Certified Organic. The typical honeybee travels within a 3 mile radius of her hive—that’s a lot of ground to cover! So unless the entire foraging area is Certified Organic, those claims are questionable. When you purchase “Fluffy Fresh” California Bee Pollen, you can trust in our guarantee that all our pollen originates in the United States from our very own happy, healthy hives.

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