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Benefits of Fresh Bee Pollen

"Fluffy Fresh" Bee Pollen is nature's Superfood that you need to add to your diet!

honeybee collecting pollen

"Fluffy Fresh" Bee Pollen is the perfect nutrient that you need to add to your diet. Wanna know why? Because Fresh Bee Pollen is composed of over 250 Biologically Active Supplements. This Superfood is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein... and the list goes on and on!

And the best part: bee pollen is 100% pure plant protein!


Of course, not all plants are created equal; the pollen from each plant with vary based on the variety of plant that is growing. Some plant pollen will have greater levels of protein while others will have a higher concentration of antioxidants. As with any other part of your diet, you want diversity in your pollen to ensure you get the widest scope of nutrients possible! Each jar of "Fluffy Fresh" Bee Pollen contains a blend of bee pollen collected from thousands of beehives across the United States, giving you a wonderful, diverse blend of flower pollen in every single jar.  


"Fluffy Fresh" Bee Pollen: Nature's Allergy Relief


 "Fluffy Fresh" USA Bee Pollen has been known to be the essential building block for long-term natural allergy relief:

  • By introducing the plant pollen that you are allergic to into your body, studies show that your allergic response to those same pollens will decrease over time

  • A diverse collection of pollens common throughout the United States can be found in every jar

  • Concentrated pollen can be 10x more potent than trace pollen particles found naturally in honey

  • Medical experts have reported that people who take Fresh Bee Pollen daily will find relief from their seasonal allergies

  • Fourth generation Beekeepers for 101 years, our “Fluffy Fresh” Bee Pollen shares many of the floral sources in your area. Our bees gather pollen from floral sources such as wildflowers, trees, berries, pine, conifers & ragweed, and rye grass, just to name a few.

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