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California is in Bloom!

Bee collecting fresh pollen

Although most of the US is experiencing record freezing temperatures California is sunny, warm and in bloom. Yes in bloom! Here's one of our girls working in the blueberry fields. She'll enter the bell shaped blueberry blossom drinking the nectar to produce the most amazing blueberry flavored honey and harvest the fresh bee pollen from the center of the flower. She will return to the hive and replenish the honey and fresh bee pollen that has fed the hive throughout the Winter months. Yummy.

Bee pollinating flower

This time of year we never harvest and fresh bee pollen or honey from the hive. It will all stay in the hive for the bees to boost their energy and encourage the laying of lots of new babies. With our 99 year of family beekeeping experience we know what it takes to sustain healthy happy bees.

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