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How To Choose The Best Bee Pollen For You

fresh bee pollen

There are essentially 3 different forms of bee pollen available.

1. Dried bee pollen.

This is pollen that has been collected by the bees in its fresh form, however the process of drying the pollen reduces its nutrient values significantly. Dried pollen is exposed to high heat to eliminate the naturally occurring moisture in the fresh bee pollen. This pollen can sit on the shelf for a very long time because it’s no longer fresh, the drying kills the Superfood benefits you’re your customers are seeking. Convenient to store, but really provides very little health benefits.

2. Pollen in pill form.

This also provides pollen in a dried form, and most times contains more fillers than pollen. It provides very little health benefits.

3. Fresh bee pollen.

This is the only pollen we produce and its “Fluffy Fresh”. We believe it’s the best fresh bee pollen you can offer to your customers. If you are truly wanting to provide the most nutritionally beneficial Superfood, and a source of allergy relief, fresh bee pollen is best. When buying your fresh bee pollen make sure that you are buying it from a source that keeps the fresh bee pollen refrigerated or frozen.

Fresh bee pollen is alive and must be refrigerated or frozen during storage. If the bee pollen is sitting on a shelf, it is not fresh. Another way to determine if the pollen is fresh is to touch it. If it fresh, when squeezed between your fingers it will dissolve into a powder. If it is dried it will stay in its round granular form with a hard exterior shell.

Remember to store fresh bee pollen refrigerated or frozen. When stored properly fresh bee pollen will maintain it’s freshness and high nutrient values for approximately 2 years. Fresh bee pollen really never goes “bad”. The only enemy to fresh bee pollen is moisture and water. Store in a well sealed container.

Did we convince you? We hope so. We hope to hear from you to share more information about our “Fluffy Fresh” California Bee Pollen.

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