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Does Fresh Bee Pollen need to be refrigerated?

refrigerated bee pollen

Hey there,

If you or your customers are wondering whether or not the Fluffy Fresh Bee Pollen they are purchasing should be refrigerated or not - tell them it sure does!

Bee Pollen is gathered by honeybees from living flowers - this means that similar to a harvested vegetable or fruit, the bee pollen should be kept in optimal, cool conditions for the life and nutrients to be extended and preserved. The shelf life of Fresh Bee Pollen, when kept in the refrigerator, can extend to 1 year after the jar has been opened.

What about the freezer?

We're so glad you asked...

frozen bee pollen

Unlike fruits and vegetables, freezing your fresh bee pollen by the jar is totally okay - and will extend the life beyond even keeping it in the refrigerator. In fact, you can expect to have the bee pollen for up to two years in an ice-cold freezer, not that it will take you that long to eat it! (Sprinkle it on top of your ice cream next time you go in for a spoonful!)

Refrigerated or frozen, Fluffy Fresh Bee Pollen should be kept in cool conditions to avoid potential loss of nutrients and compromising of the overall integrity.

Do you have Bee Pollen that you have stored in a cupboard? Is it brown and/or crunchy? Then it's probably time to switch it out with a new jar of "Fluffy Fresh" California Bee Pollen. Fresh is best, especially with a superfood like bee pollen!

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