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2020 Food Trends: Sustainability & Plant-Based Protein

pollen is plant based protein

Hey there,

We get so excited this time of year because the 2020 food trends come out, everyone becomes more health-focused, and the new year brings new opportunities our way!

Let's talk 2020 Food Trends: We're seeing lots of new ideas pop up about the world of food as we know it, but more often than not we're seeing that sustainability and plant-based protein are taking the lead in trends for the coming year. Sustainability, (finally!), is something we've been focused on as a company for a long time.

Here are three ways we keep our badge of sustainability intact:

1. Lucky for us, we often find ourselves out working among the beehives during the daytime. Most of our beehives still have the same frames, boxes, and hive stands that we made 40+ years ago. With proper maintenance and repairs when necessary, we're able to keep our beehives happy and healthy without having to replace their wooden structure every year. At 6,000+ hives, this spares a lot of trees!

2. We find a use for 100% of the bee pollen we collect from our beehives. Whether it's beautiful pollen that we sell to you, or dust that we gather and feed to our own bees, we never waste a single ounce of golden bee pollen.

3. We employee locally. 90% of our staff has a less than a 10-minute commute to our facility, which reduces their carbon emissions and stimulates the local economy.

Now onto the second most popular trend of 2020: Plant-based protein!

We love that awareness for plant-based protein is growing; in fact, it's about time! Plants contain a surprising amount of protein and bee pollen is no exception because it is literally 100% plant material. Honeybees seek out and gather the pollen from flowers to feed their young and last support the hive during the cold winter months since it is so high in protein! The bees have been on trend this entire time, it's about time we take a cue from mother nature too. Bee pollen is made up of 35% protein (with slight variations from flower to flower), what's not to love about this plant-based protein source??

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