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What side effects are there to taking Fresh Bee Pollen?

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Hey there,

A lot of people wonder to themselves, what happens when you take Fresh Bee Pollen? Are there side effects to taking Bee Pollen? We hear the good and bad when it comes to any new supplement that is quickly gaining popularity. And the bad news can seem very extreme.

We're here to offer some insight on bee pollen, with some optimistic facts!

The first noticeable effect you might feel on your body when first taking bee pollen, is a light allergic reaction. When taken correctly, this "reaction" should be mild and maintainable, if it occurs at all. As a condensed version of the allergy-causing pollens in the air, your body may be surprised to be internally exposed to the bee pollen. This turns into a beneficial side effect over time, as your body grows a natural immunity to the bee pollen. This creates a natural immunity to the pollens in the air too! Bye-bye allergies!

The second effect you may notice as you gradually increase the amount of bee pollen you take is a boost in your energy level. Bee Pollen is a natural energy booster because of it's naturally high protein content. Fresh bee pollen contains 22 amino acids that your body uses as a fuel source.

Hopefully, we've inspired you to pick-up a jar and try bee pollen for yourself! As with any new food group, always check with a doctor before taking a new dietary supplement!

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