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Can You Be Allergic to Fresh Bee Pollen?

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

honeybee gathering fresh bee pollen

Hey there,

Today we are going to talk about Fresh Bee Pollen, and whether or not you can be allergic to it!

Fresh Bee Pollen is gathered by honeybees, bottled, sealed, & then distributed to consumers. Throughout this process, the pollen is handled in a cool environment and stored refrigerated or frozen. This keeps the bee pollen at optimal, peak freshness - much like any produce item. The key components of the pollen are kept intact, much like you would find them on the flower.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, it's typically because you are allergic to the pollen in the air. The pollen from the air is exactly the same as the pollen found in the bottle because it comes from blooming flowers. Therefore, if you suffer from allergies related to pollen, then you may experience a reaction to eating bee pollen.

We always advise that you start slow when taking Fresh Bee Pollen for the first time. By slowly introducing the cause of your allergic reaction into your system, your body begins to build a tolerance to that irritant. Customers have shared that by taking the pollen, it will begin to lessen the usual reaction they would have. This is a precautionary measure; not everyone who takes bee pollen is allergic to it. However, if you're prone to seasonal allergies, we suggest you take extra care when using the pollen.

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