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Bulk Bee Pollen For Sale - Customer's Request

bee pollen for health

Hey there,

Fall & winter are the perfect times to stock up on bulk Fresh Bee Pollen for your customers. Whether you are a health food store, a grocery store, or a niche restaurant/smoothie shop, your customers are going to be looking for "Fluffy Fresh" Bee Pollen this season!

Fresh Bee Pollen is essential to any winter diet, because the nutritional content fights off common colds and the seasonal flu! Bee Pollen is packed with Vitamins E & B, beneficial enzymes, powerful antioxidants... the list goes on and on!

Consumer's are learning more and more about the beneficial Superfood that is Fresh Bee Pollen; don't let your customers miss their chance to purchase the highest quality pollen from you! We offer bulk sizes of Fresh bee pollen, which are perfect for cooking with or packaging up into smaller sizes. Looking for something easier? We also offer pre-packaged jars to fit your needs.

Call us today to learn more about our specialty fresh bee pollen!


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