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How to Make Fresh Bee Pollen Patties

honeybees getting ready for winter

Hey there,

Are you a beekeeper, looking for a great way to boost the health of your beehive?

Do you ever wonder what can keep your hive strong and happy through the winter?

Look no further than "Fluffy Fresh" California Bee Pollen!

The weather is beginning to cool down, and that means your beehives are heading into their dormant state. But before they lock down the hive for the winter, the bees will being gathering up and storing as much food as they can for the winter. You probably realize that the flowers have almost completely disappeared by now, leaving honeybees without much to go on. That's why feeding your honeybees fresh bee pollen patties is the best way to gear them up for the winter!

A recent study just came out detailing the importance of using Real, Fresh Bee Pollen when making pollen patties for your beehives. The synthesized protein substitutes that are sold in the marketplace do help, however they lack the fundamental microbes and nutrients that you find naturally occurring in pollen from the flower.

So, next time you have the option to choose what to feed your bees, choose "Fluffy Fresh" California Bee Pollen!

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