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Bulk Fresh Bee Pollen - Perfect for Restaurants & Health Stores Alike!

Hey there,

Do you run a health food store, or a farm-to-fork business? Have you ever thought about including Fresh Bee Pollen in your inventory?

Fresh Bee Pollen is a rising trend in the food industry as well as the health network.

A nutrient-dense superfood, Fresh Bee Pollen contains vitamins, minerals, protein, and antioxidants. Plus, these nutrients will boost the immune system and defend against back-to-school colds and fall flu's. Fresh Bee Pollen is a necessary item for any health food establishment.

bulk fresh bee pollen

It's the perfect addition to fall dishes such as cranberry salads and salted caramel ice cream. Fresh Bee Pollen can always be taken by itself, or adding to any cool or cold dishes.

When purchasing, get a better value for your dollar by buying in bulk! We sell 25lb Pails of Fresh Bee Pollen, at a bulk discount. The 25lb Bucket is shipped frozen, to ensure the highest quality product once it reaches your facility.

Try Fresh Bee Pollen today and give your customers a quality product they will come back again and again for!

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