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What does it takes for a bee to gather Fresh Bee Pollen?

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

bee with pollen

Hey there,

Do you know how much bee pollen is gathered by one little honeybees? Turns out, we may not realize just how much work it takes for a little honeybee to produce the superfood we call Fresh Bee Pollen!

To produce a typical 10 oz jar of Bee Pollen, it will take a single honeybee about 400 hours of foraging time! In a single day, a bee can visit upwards of 4,500 flowers too! You can imagine then how beneficial a honeybee is to a farmer needing to pollinate his crops.

Using this analogy, in peak production time, a single beehive comprised of about 8,000 foraging bees could potentially visit 36 million flowers and bring in 1,000 ounces of fresh pollen per day.

A lot of factors can effect this however; weather, location, diversity of florals, etc.

One thing is for sure: we'll never take for granted the hard work our honeybees put in to produce such a high quality product!

how honeybees collect fresh bee pollen infographic


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