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Fresh Bee Pollen - Feed Your Bees!

honeybee gathering fresh bee pollen

Hey there,

You may have heard us talk before about the many benefits of consuming Fresh Bee Pollen for your body's overall health, but did you know that it's also the perfect supplement to feed to your personal beehives??

If you've been beekeeping for at least a year, chances are that you know your bees can highly benefit from receiving an extra protein boost to their colony from time to time.

Come autumn and winter season, the florals from spring and summer begin to disappear and dry up. Along with the disappearance of flowers comes the disappearance of Fresh Bee Pollen to be collected by the honeybees.

This change of season also sparks a change within the beehives. Honeybees are prepping for winter by bulking up their stores of Fresh Bee Pollen to provide them a food source through the cooler, rainy months. Dwindling resources combined with a higher drive to build up pollen stores can cause a lack in the amount of fresh pollen the bees are able to gather for themselves before wintertime.

And thus, the pollen patty was invented! Pollen patty's are placed directly in the beehive, on top of the frames, and sealed with your top board. Over the course of a few weeks, the bees will begin to tear apart and store the patty into individual cells which they can then use to feed from for the remainder of the fall & winter season.

When making your own pollen patty's we know you want the best quality bee pollen available for your beehives: so why not use our Fresh Bee Pollen! It's never been altered, so it's in the purest form for consumption by the bees! Simply add to your pollen patty mix to boost the nutrients and protein of the hive.

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