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Where do bees gather Fresh Bee Pollen in the fall?

Hey there,

When autumn comes around and the world begins to anticipate decorating for Halloween and drinking the first PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Latte!) of the season, we usually don't think about what bees may bee foraging on.

In the central valley of California, flower season is beginning to slow down, but our honeybees are still able to gather nectar and pollen from the following floral sources:


Safflowers have a high concentration of pollen that the bees can't get enough of!

safflower plant


Bee Balm

Bee Balm flowers can re-bloom when trimmed back in late summer

safflower plant



Bees love sunflowers, and honeybees are often used to pollinate sunflowers for seeds


Pro Tip: There are varieties of Goldenrod that are native to North America - search for these when planting!

honeybee on goldenrod


Purple Aster

Also native to parts of North America, you can often find Purple Aster growing wild with goldenrod flowers.

aster flowers for honeybees


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