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Where does our Fresh Bee Pollen come from?

Hey there,

We are often asked where our Fluffy Fresh Bee Pollen comes from?

This is a question can be answered in two parts: which beehives are collecting pollen, and where they are located.

Part One: Which Beehives are Collecting Pollen

Our Fresh Bee Pollen is gathered exclusively from our family beehives in the sun-drenched valley of Northern California. With over 6,000 beehives, we are able to collect from thousands of various floral sources. Our Fresh Bee Pollen is some of the most diverse pollen around, for this exact reason. Instead of being monochrome, from one plant, the bee pollen we collect has a range of color, flavor, and floral sources. This increases your body's biodiverse exposure, as well as exposure to a huge range of plants which will help relieve a vast majority of allergies.

Part Two: Where are the Beehives Located

We touched on this a bit when we were discussing Part 1 of this blog; our beehives are located throughout Northern California & the Central Valley, including the Sacramento area. It's difficult to tell you where they are exactly in California, because we move our beehives periodically to follow the bloom of the flowers. To best benefit our beehives, we do what we can do seasonally move them around the valley to ensure they have floral sources all year round.

When you buy "Fluffy Fresh" California Bee Pollen, you can be assured that you are buying directly from the Beekeepers.

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