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How Fresh Bee Pollen is Gathered By Honeybees

Hey there,

Having been beekeepers for 100 years, we've learned a thing or two about fresh bee pollen collection and maintaining the health of our beehives.

The health and strength of our beehives is our top priority: period. We know that harming the beehives, or the honeybees themselves, would never benefit our company or it's core values. We do not harm the honeybees when collecting our fresh bee pollen.

Something you may not know, is that fresh bee pollen is not pollen made by bees. Honeybees collect the pollen when foraging for nectar within the petals of a flower. The pollen is balled up and formed into little granules by the bees, which they then carry back to the hive on their hind legs. The legs of honeybees are actually specifically designed to carry the pollen, and they almost look like they have a "sack" to stuff it in while flying.

bees carrying pollen
honeybee with pollen

honeybee flying with pollen

Once a honeybee is back in the hive, they stash the pollen within the wax comb, sealing it away to use for a protein source. This is not only an excellent food supply for the worker bees in the winter, it is also insulation for the brood (larvae), which are laid by the Queen Bee in the honeycomb cells around the pollen cells. Because honeybees depend on pollen for their own nutrition, we always ensure that we leave enough of their resources in the hive for their own health and wellbeing.

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