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Interesting Facts About Fresh Bee Pollen

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

honeybees collecting pollen

Hey there,

Your customers may not know everything there is to know about consuming Fresh Bee Pollen! Help answer some of their questions with these tips about Fresh Bee Pollen:

1. Bee pollen is actually not pollen made by bees. Bees collect the pollen from the center of flowers. They form the pollen into little balls that they place in buckets on their hind legs. They return to the hive and place the pollen in the cells in the hive. They depend on pollen for their nutrition so we always leave enough in the hive for their health and wellbeing.

2. If someone is allergic to bee stings, this does not mean they are allergic to pollen. The venom of the sting is produced from the bee. The pollen is produced only from flowers. The bees only harvest the pollen and carry it to the hive.

3. Many people say allergies are best treated with fresh bee pollen. Honey is not the best remedy for allergy relief. Bees place bee pollen in the cells of the bees wax in the hive. After they take the bee pollen out to eat it, some of the pollen remains in the cell. Next the bees may place some honey in that emptied out cell. When the honey is removed from the cell, some of the left over pollen in the cell is also taken with the honey, therefore the honey has trace amounts of pollen in the honey. In order to get maximum relief, straight bee pollen is the only way to go and fresh is best!

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