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Recommended Use for Fluffy Fresh Bee Pollen

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

honeybee gathering pollen

Hey there,

We get a lot of questions about how to use our Fresh Bee Pollen, and we've created our recommended guide for you below:

Start slowly, taking small amounts to begin with. Begin with 2-3 beads. Over time add more, stopping at a dose of 2 tablespoons or as the body dictates.

The general flavor of Fresh Bee Pollen can be sweet for some, or tart for others. The flavor will change depending on the floral source that it was collected from and the time of year. There are many "colors" within Bee Pollen from white, to yellow to browns, reds, and blues... all the colors of the rainbow. The colors vary depending on what flower they were collected from.

Stir in juice; mix with fruit, yogurt, protein drinks, milk or shakes. Sprinkle on cereal, salads or toast, be creative. Do not cook bee pollen as the nutrients are diminished by heat.

Dosages are recommendations only. As with any supplements, it is always recommended that users consult their health care providers before taking.

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