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What kind of Fresh Bee Pollen do we have?

Hey there,

honeybee with fresh bee pollen

We often get the question - what kind of Bee Pollen do you supply?

There are two answers to this question:

1. Exclusively FRESH Bee Pollen

2. Diverse, California Wildflower Pollen

What we mean, when we say Fresh Bee Pollen:

  • The Bee Pollen we collect from the beehives is kept frozen or refrigerated. We never expose the Bee Pollen to heat. By keeping the pollen chilled, we essentially maintain the same nutritional quality it had when it was still present on the flower. Therefore, our pollen keeps a pleasant flavor, and is "Fluffy Fresh."

What we mean, when we say Diverse, California Wildflower Pollen:

  • Our family beehives, located in the sun-drenched fields of Northern California, are the exclusive source of our Fresh Bee Pollen. Our 100% USA Fresh bee pollen is held to the highest standard, because we know your customers expect the best product possible.

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