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Tie-Dyed Fresh Bee Pollen - Who Knew!

Hey there,

We've been thinking: Pollen is pollen, is pollen, is pollen, right? Actually no, not all fresh bee pollen is created equal!

flowers with pollen

Think about how many blooming flowers exist in the world - each one looks vastly different and smells incredibly unique, so we very well can't expect all of the pollen they produce to be the same too!

When looking around at all these blooming wildflowers, we might never stop to think that the pollen may be orange, red, blue, white, or purple! But alas, it is true. And when humans are advised to eat a bio-diverse diet, this includes the consumption of fresh bee pollen too!

Tie-Dye may not be the first thing that you think of when you hear about Fresh Bee Pollen, but it's sure to stick once you've heard it! Just take a look at the colors in the pollen below:

colorful fresh bee pollen

Check out the colors of the rainbow in there!

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