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Fourth of July - And Red, White, & Blue Pollen too!

Have you ever thought to yourself, whether or not there is such a thing as red, white, or blue bee pollen? Probably not! Well think again!

Our patriotic honeybees are pulling in our nations colors just in time for a Fourth of July celebration! Fresh Bee Pollen can range from a deep orange color, to a navy blue, and even to a lime green! Bee pollen is much more diverse than the traditional "yellow" that might come to mind.

But what floral sources yield themselves to the USA's patriotic colors you ask? We've explored that below!

Fresh Red Bee Pollen:

Sourced from Rock Purslane or Bottlebrush flowers

Fresh White Bee Pollen:

Sourced from Almond Blossoms or Balsam Blossoms

Fresh Blue Bee Pollen:

Sourced from Siberian Squill, or Bird's Eye Wildflowers

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

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