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Some say Bee Pollen May Increase Your Metabolism

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

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Hey There,

While we can't all "eat like a bird," the way Taylor Swift might to loose weight, we can do something else that may help improve our weight loss: eat Fresh Bee Pollen!

According to a recent study, Fresh Bee Pollen has been shown to improve the overall metabolic rate. In addition, energy levels before and after a workout may be improved when taking Fresh Bee Pollen regularly. While results vary based on an individual and their personal routines, it's no wonder that a fresh superfood packed with vitamins and minerals would aid in the body's overall performance.

And what is the first step to maximizing the nutrients available in Fresh Bee Pollen? The answer is in the question: choosing Fresh Bee Pollen over dried!

Dried bee pollen doesn't have a nutritional profile that comes close to it's Fresh Bee Pollen counterpart. When you think about it, Fresh Bee Pollen is a living food much like kale, carrots, or strawberries are. It's 100% plant material, that is better when eaten Fresh!

So next time you're looking into the #fakenews that is dried bee pollen, try out Fresh Bee Pollen - you may be surprised how energized it makes you feel!

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