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May Rain brings June Flowers! Aka More Fresh Bee Pollen is Headed our Way

You know the saying, "April showers bring May flowers?"

Well in the Sacramento Valley, it seems like summer has been postponed for May rain! And we aren't complaining, because another good rain will make way for a new wave of wildflowers blooming!

fresh bee pollen on wildflowers

More wildflowers means we can expect more Fresh Bee Pollen for our sweet little honeybees to gather. This new wave of flowers is going to bring with it a rush of new and diverse varieties of pollen. Fresh Bee Pollen can be thought of as nature's dippin dots - colorful, lush, and full of flavor! The more diverse and colorful your Fresh Bee Pollen is, the better! The bio-diversity consumed in your regular diet, the better you will feel.

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