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Acres of Natural Flowers for Bee Pollen

honeybee looking for fresh bee pollen

Searching for Fresh Bee Pollen

This little honey bee is sure loving this flower and part of the reason is probably because this flower is located on an entirely organic farm. The bees that we have living at this location enjoy acres and acres of foraging space where they can spend warm spring days collecting "Fluffy Fresh" Bee Pollen.

What makes this flower particularly great for the bees is that its features make it easier for them to collect nutrient packed Fresh Bee Pollen. The flat open shape makes for an easy landing pad and lets the bee have open access to collecting nectar and pollen. This makes their entire foraging mission quicker and lets them collect even more Fresh Bee Pollen in a shorter period of time.

Organic flowers and less labor-intensive work, what more could a honey be ask for?

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