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Beehives in the Vineyards

California vineyard

When thinking about vineyards, the first thought that comes to mind is probably either grapes or wine. Did you know though that vineyards also make a fantastic place to keep honey bees? During the spring here in beautiful northern California it’s easy to spot these lovely little white and yellow mustard & wildflowers, and our bees sure do love them! The vineyards allow these flowers to grow in between the grape vines to provide nutrients to the soil, and thus a much better grape. On top of that, these vineyard are located in the heart of central valley wine country, which means there are plenty of nearby wildflower fields for our honeybees to forage for Fresh Bee Pollen.


Our honeybees spend their days foraging in the vineyards & the surrounding area, where the florals they find are often natural wildflowers. You may know that both fresh pollen and nectar are naturally abundant in regional wildflowers, too! This is great for our bees because that means less time having to forage and more time enjoying the fruits of their labor.

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