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The Bees are Foraging for Fresh Bee Pollen!

fresh bee pollen honeybee

Fresh Bee Pollen on an Organic Flower

The bees have been loving the sunny weather we’ve been having, and this little honey bee is even more infatuated with this flower since it's located on an organic ranch! The ranch has a plethora of flowers and foliage for the bees to collect Fresh Bee Pollen from, so they’ve been very busy these past few days.

We have a variety of locations where we keep our hive, which aids to our abundance and diversity of our Fresh Bee Pollen. This particular location is different however, as the ranch is entirely organic, and the bees have been loving it. The fields are comprised of acres of foraging space where our honeybees spend their days collecting nutrient rich Fresh Bee Pollen. As you can see, the flowers on this farm have a flat open surface for the bees to land on to collect nectar and pollen. This adds to their ease of collection since they have plenty of landing space and the open surface makes it easier for them to get at the nectar and pollen in the flower. Once they collect all this Fresh Bee Pollen they head back to the hive where we bottle it right at the source.

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