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Honeybees Love Native Flowers!

california wildflower

It’s springtime in sunny California and that means our bees are out collecting Fresh Bee Pollen. To help bees on their mission, why not plant some bee friendly flowers to make their job a little easier? The best flowers to plant are those that are native to the area or simply provide a high yield of sugary nectar and protein-rich pollen. For those here in California, some options include coneflowers, Black-eyed Susan, lilacs and golden poppies.

Planting these kinds of flowers ensures that bees will have an easier time collecting because high producing flowers means they won’t have to visit as often. Not only will a natural bee friendly garden look and smell amazing, but it will also help bees make nutritious fresh local pollen that acts as an energy source for bees and has been found to potentially have an array of health benefits for humans as well. So, when planning out your springtime garden, make sure to plant some bee friendly flowers to make their work a little easier.

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