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Native Flowers that Honeybees Love

Hey there,

Have you ever wondered where the honeybees get all of their Fresh Bee Pollen from? Us too!

Of course, we know that where the honeybee-hives are placed, but the honeybees will travel 3 to 5 miles away from their hives in search of Fresh Bee Pollen and nectar from flowers.

And not all flowers are created equal: Native flowers often contain the highest concentration of Fresh Bee Pollen and nectar and the honeybees know it too! Check out this photo of honeybees on a Pussy Willow flower below:

fresh california bee pollen

Whoa! As you can see, they are raking in the Fresh Bee Pollen! Pretty incredible that the bees get so much natural nutrition from such an unconventional flower!

Let us know what flowers you see that the honeybees love!

- California Bee Pollen

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