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Plant a Honey Bee friendly yard this Spring

This flowering Pear tree is in full bloom in early Spring in California, just one example of floral sources available to honey bees in your backyard. In addition to wildflowers and trees, our honey bees also collect fresh bee pollen from residential plants as well. While you are planning your Spring plantings, consider planting a garden and yard to help support honey bee health! Here’s a list of plants you might consider:

Lilac’s, Lavender, Wisteria, Sunflowers, Poppies, Blackeye Susan’s, Rosemary, Honeysuckle, Lantana, Snapdragons, Sedum and Cone flowers just to name a few.

The more variety of flowers available to the bees to collect fresh bee pollen, the better it is for the nutritional make up of the fresh bee pollen.

Happy plantings!

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