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Fresh Bee Pollen gathered from Almond Blossoms for hive health

california almond blossom

Mother Nature is right on time this year. After 100 years of family beekeeping, we know that the Almonds bloom on February 18! Our bees are busy looking for the first Almond blossoms of the years. Our colonies will participate in the largest pollination in the World, the Almonds. They will gather the pollen and bring it back to the hive. We don't harvest Almond pollen from the hive. We know that this pollen will be the "Superfood" for our bees coming into early Spring. They will be feeding the fresh bee pollen to the the babies to boost their health.

The hives will remain here for 4 weeks, flying from blossom to blossom gobbling up all the wonderful nutrition from the flowers. Stay tuned for their next Spring locations.

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