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Happy, Health Bees Produce the Best, Fresh Pollen!

bee with fresh pollen

As we know that healthy happy bees produce the best fresh bee pollen for us, we watch them carefully coming out of the Winter months and these look great These bees have been feasting on all this beautiful almond pollen. This frame has a wonderful balance of honey, pollen, adult bees and lots of babies on the way!

They are working from dawn to dusk in the sunny Almond fields of Northern California. Once the flower blossoms, the pollen is only viable for pollination for a total 72 hours, so we're all anxious to get the bees to visit as many blossoms as possible during this period to pollinate the trees that produce the world famous California almonds. Not much time left here, the weather this year has caused the trees to hold onto their blossoms longer than normal, but the pollen comes and goes quickly.

Stay tuned to see where we go next to collect your yummy "Fluffy Fresh" California Bee Pollen!

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