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fresh bee pollen

Seasonal Spring allergies are right around the corner. Don’t let your customers wait until they are suffering from itchy, runny eyes, stuffy noses, and headaches. By educating them to take fresh bee pollen now, it’s believed that these individuals will build up a resistance to the airborne pollens in the air reducing their symptoms naturally.

It’s human nature to start strong with new Supplements, but over time it’s easy to forget to take your fresh bee pollen. Here’s a few ideas on how to incorporate fresh bee pollen into anyone’s diet easily:

Encourage your customers to be creative when taking Fresh Bee Pollen. Not everyone wants a smoothie every morning. Try our “Fluffy Fresh” Bee Pollen as a condiment! Sprinkle on a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, on your morning pancakes or waffles, sweeten up a salad, sprinkle over ice cream, or on your Acai Bowl. Remember fresh bee pollen should not be cooked - doing so will reduce the natural nutrients.

Wintertime, the best time to start taking “Fluffy Fresh” California Bee Pollen.

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