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Top 5 Best Honeybee Halloween Costumes!

Hey there,

We're taking a break from our regular blogs on bee pollen to bring you a Halloween treat: The Top 5 Best Honeybee Halloween Costumes for 2019

#1 A Beekeeping Family

We can't get enough of this adorable family & their baby bee!

honeybee family costume

#2 Queen Bee Make-Up

Go all-in with this beehive inspired make-up look!

queen bee halloween makeup

#3 Furry (Bee) Friend

Have a furry friend? Give them a reason to dress up too!

dog in honeybee costume

#4 Honeybees Through & Through

We're not sure how much more authentic you can get than this!

authentic honeybee costume

#5 DIY Honeybee

When in doubt, make a costume yourself!

DIY Honeybee Costume
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