Fresh Bee Pollen Since 1919

For over 97 years, our family has been beekeepers producing our fresh bee pollen here in California.

pure bee pollen granules
California Bee Pollen is collected from our hives in sun drenched California. The bee pollen that we sell comes exclusively from our own hives.  We never use pollen from another source.

Bee Pollen direct from the Beekeeperpure bee pollen

When you purchase our fluffy fresh bee pollen, you are buying directly from the beekeeper.  We maintain complete control over the production of our bee pollen: from where and how the bee pollen is collected, to how it is cleaned and stored. Since we know that happy, healthy bees produce the highest quality pollen, we are completely dedicated to nurturing the health of our bees and their hives.

100% Natural Bee Pollen.  100% POLLEN FROM THE USAbee pollen pure

Our bee pollen is 100% natural – never artificially processed or preserved. After collecting the bee pollen from our hives, we hand clean the pollen to ensure that you receive the purest bee pollen possible. We then immediately freeze the bee pollen to preserve its nutrients, since heating or drying bee pollen greatly reduces its nutritional value.

Four Generations of Beekeepers

california pure bee pollen granules
We’re now the 4th generation in our family to tend bee hives in California. Unlike many who sell bee pollen, we lovingly care for the bees who produce the fresh bee pollen that we offer. California Bee Pollen guarantees the freshness, quality and natural production of our products, and hope that you will try our natural bee pollen to experience the difference that comes from 97 years of family beekeeping.