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Fresh Bee Pollen & Abundant Spring Flowers

Can you spot our beekeeper among the flowers in this mustard field?

abundant flowers with lots of pollen

He’s hard to spot because some of these flowers are approaching eight feet in height. Not only are they spectacular to look at due to their sheer size, but their abundance produces plentiful amounts of Fresh Bee Pollen for our bees to forage on. In fact, this field could provide up to half a year supply of pollen!

The bees have of course been loving the plentiful amounts of nectar and nutrient rich pollen these fields provide, and when you combine that with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, they’ve pretty much been in heaven. After a long winter by California standards, are little honey bees have earned the reward of tall lush fields for them to spend their days gathering nutrient rich Fluffy Fresh Local Pollen.

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