California Bee Pollen

100% USA Pollen!

organic bee pollen

Our family has kept the beekeeping craft alive in California for over 97 years. Devoted exclusively to producing our “Fluffy Fresh” pollen from our own bee hives, we harvest 100% fresh California Bee Pollen.

We sell pollen and pollen only!

  • 100% is gathered from our families hives.
  • We never sell pollen from anywhere other than California.
  • 100% of our pollen is produced in the USA.

Our family is committed to providing you with the finest quality bee pollen available.

We understand the importance of being good stewards of our hives and the land where they gather pollen, knowing that this allows our bees to produce large volumes of high quality pollen.

  • Our pollen reflects a wide mix of floral sources, which is gathered frequently and then quickly frozen to maintain the integrity of its nutritional value.
  • Since 1919, we’ve known that happy, healthy bees produce the highest quality pollen, and we are completely dedicated to nurturing the health of our bees and their hives. (read more)


Yes! We Have Bee Pollen In Stock

We know the importance of  maintaining the availability of pollen for your customers year round.  We want your customers to return to you consistently for their bee pollen needs.

As a large family beekeeping business for the last 97 years, you can be confident that California Bee Pollen can consistently supply you with all the “Fluffy Fresh” pollen you need throughout the year.
(see our Wholesale Bee Pollen Catalog)

fresh bee pollenPollen: Prepackaged Or In Bulk

Whether it’s 10 ounce jars labeled for resale, bulk pollen in 300 pound drums, or an amount in between, California Bee Pollen offers our wholesale customers a range of bulk and prepackaged bee pollen products to meet your specific needs.

Our Wholesale Bee Pollen Catalog has a complete list of our products. And, of course, our wholesale orders are shipped within two business days.