Why California Bee Pollen?

Wholesale Fresh Bee Pollen from California

California Bee Pollen is dedicated to supporting our wholesale clients from Co-Op grocery stores, Health Food stores, Natural Food Stores, fresh fruit stands, restaurants, power bar companies,  Acai bowl restaurants, Juice Companies, exotic animal food, Beekeepers and more.

Wholesale Bee Pollen catalog
For wholesale pricing please call 916-396-1697 or contact us.

Customers throughout the world trust the quality and safety of our fresh California Bee Pollen

With 97 years of beekeeping experience, we know that happy, healthy bees produce the highest quality products and we are completely dedicated to nurturing the health of our bees and their hives. We keep our hives throughout California, where many of our collection sites are 100% Certified Organic Farms.

We never process or dry our pollen

Many people use bee pollen for its amazing nutritional content, yet purchase processed or dried bee pollen whose nutritional value has been significantly reduced. Drying pollen can also produce a pollen bead that is smaller and harder than “Fluffy Fresh” California Bee Pollen.

As a California Bee Pollen wholesaler, you can be assured that you are providing your customers with fluffy fresh pollen in its most natural state – just as nature intended.

Wholesale Bee Pollen Catalog
For wholesale pricing please call 916-396-1697 or contact us.

We offer a reliable supply of pure California Bee Pollen

We know that availability can be an issue when selecting your source for bee hive products. Many wholesalers must purchase pollen from multiple small beekeepers in their geographic area to keep up with volume. However, many small operations cannot consistently maintain sufficient production to fulfill customer demand for bee pollen throughout the year.

As a large family beekeeping business in operation for the last 97 years, we understand the importance of meeting customers’ needs. We can consistently supply you with all the products you need throughout the year. Regardless of the season, your customers can confidently return to your store and know that they’ll find California Bee Pollen.

Wholesale Bee Pollen
For wholesale pricing please call 916-396-1697 or contact us.

Helping your customer service teams deliver more profitable sales

Your customer service teams are the first sales contact with your customers, and their understanding of your products are pivotal in selling your catalog of items. We can provide training and information to increase their knowledge of bee pollen, as well as the benefits of selling fresh California bee pollen rather than dried and processed imported pollen.